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Peopletrans Attends AITPM “Back To Basics & Beyond” Seminar

On 15 November 2013 PeopleTrans attended the AITPM Back to Basics & Beyond seminar which this year was held at the very modern 3M offices in North Ryde. The speakers' and topics covered at the seminar were wide and varied, covering everything from 3M's new line marking product "staymark" to lux mapping survey technology to some of the issues facing traffic engineers when reviewing development proposals either at the design stage or following construction.

Of particular interest this year was the interactive session held within 3M's technology and research laboratories where participants were able to see first-hand, how some of 3M's products have been researched and developed and how they work in practice.

We congratulate the AITPM on thinking beyond the usual presentation style seminar format which will hopefully encourage some new blood to attend these types of industry events in the future.

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