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What is Connect Macquarie Park + North Ryde?

On 15 November 2013 PeopleTrans attended the launch of Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde, an exciting initiative called the Transport Management Association or for short TMA. Transport Management Associations have had widespread success internationally, particularly in the United States, but this association is a first of its kind in New South Wales or maybe even in Australia.

One of the primary aims of a TMA is for businesses to join forces and work together in promoting sustainable transport to, from and within the business area which they operate, not only to benefit the staff who work there but also to benefit the customers who want to conduct business there.

In establishing this association the business community has shown true leadership and a commitment to ensure that Macquarie Park & North Ryde remains a great place to do business into the future.

As the third largest employment area in Sydney and with the park forecast to double in size over the next 20 years there will be an increased demand for travel to Macquarie Park and North Ryde. Such growth means many more people travelling to the area each day adding to an already congested "car dominated" environment.

So herein lies the challenge and all eyes will be on this TMA to set an example of what this type of initiative can achieve in just one of the business hubs across Sydney. We hope that there is solid support by all businesses for this important initiative and that it is a storming success. After all if you want your business to thrive and you want to attract the best employees in the country to work for you then why wouldn't you get involved?

This TMA is providing your business with the knowledge and resources you wouldn't have easily had access to before and will ensure that you remain a modern employer at the forefront of contemporary thinking.
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