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NSW Road Rules Awareness Week 2014

It is safe to assume that most people in Australia understand some of the basic road rules like stopping at a red traffic light.  But for many of the people out there that learnt the road rules just to get their license and haven’t kept up to date with the changes, here is your chance to brush up on your knowledge.

It is also critical that engineers and designers fully comprehend the road rules to ensure that the traffic engineering solutions that are developed are not only safe, but don’t force people to do something that is contrary to any rules.

Despite having national road rules, each state still has its own variations and for those working across more than one state, this is where keeping up with the latest local regulations is essential. To help explain the top 10 misunderstood road rules, a series of simple videos have been created by Transport for NSW.  A link to the videos is shown below.  For more information about Road Rules Awareness Week, please visit

For those that think they understand the road rules, here are the top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW.

NSW road rules awareness week