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PeopleTrans a finalist in UDIA City Life Labs Pitch Event

UDIA city life labs pitch event


PeopleTrans is excited to be a finalist in the City Life Labs Round Two Pitch Event which will help select the next technology focused projects to enable smart planning of our future cities. The best two project ideas will each be awarded a $50,000 research and development grant to help develop their projects collaboratively with UDIA NSW, with the objective to help make our cities more Liveable, Affordable and Connected.

Each of the eight finalists will present their research project proposals in a Pecha Kucha format (20 slides on a timer for 20 seconds each). The on-stage judges will each provide a score out of ten with the audience also participating by voting on their smartphones. The two highest scoring projects will be declared the winners at the end of the Pitch Event.

The judges include high profile industry leaders who will help to select the round two winners.

UDIA city life labs judges

PeopleTrans’ Project Idea – CCMAP

A strategic level planning tool using TfNSW’ s current Urban Traffic Control system outputs and a GIS interface which can map city congestion at any time of the day or week in real time resulting in a quick and easy understanding of a specific environment/location assisting in a more informed urban design outcome.

The other finalists and projects are:

1 - University of Wollongong Smart Infrastructure Facility - A proposal to utilise local knowledge and ideas for city improvement through gamifying the community engagement process

2 - University of Wollongong - A proposal for converting existing commercial buildings into independent microgrids harnessing renewable energy

3 - Geografia - A proposal for real time tracking of urban heat, noise and air pollution to understand how current conditions affect local economic activity

4 - Parametric Monkey - A proposal to use machine learning to generate innovative apartment designs to address Australia's housing crisis

5 - Hunter Research Foundation - A proposal to harness big data to assess and visualise the activation of innovation districts in Newcastle

6 - RPS - A proposal for an interactive and sensory-immersing technology platform to engage with the community

7 - UNSW Built Environment - A proposal to develop a unique library of 3D digital models providing digital planning tools promoting liveable urban density