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UDIA 2018 Christmas Lunch

Thanks to UDIA for hosting another enjoyable annual Christmas lunch which, as usual, was a full house.

As an institute partner sponsor and avid supporter of the UDIA this gave us an excellent opportunity to invite several of our valued clients, and as a way of saying thanks for supporting us this year, for them to enjoy lunch and festivities on us.

Alison Frame

This year we had the pleasure of inviting and having lunch with Rebecca Thomas (Coles Group), Conrad Johnston (Fox Johnston), Duncan Corrigall (AJ+C), Nick Jonmundsson (Kann Finch), Simeon King (ASPECT Studios), Rajat Khanna (Group GSA), and Todd Robinson (Golder Associates) against the backdrop of a keynote speech from Allison Frame (Deputy Secretary of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment) and the very funny comedian Sam McCool, who were both welcome additions to the UDIA Christmas lunch format.

PeopleTrans is pleased to see ongoing reforms to the EP&A Act to make planning and delivery easier with more to do in this regard, as indicated by Alison and Sam’s humour lightened the mood as the lunch came to an end and people moved onto the after drinks.

UDIA Christmas Planning Presentation

Thanks to Tony from the UDIA for once again promoting PeopleTrans and our company’s mission this year and we look forward to an exciting 2019 in the land use and transport planning space. Look out for our 2018 year in review which will be our last post of 2018.