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Industrial and Resource Recovery Facility Specialists

Industrial sites bring unique challenges for site operators. With special vehicle types and weighbridge operation along with often complicated on-site routes, all while maximising safety on-site, they require a detailed understanding.

PeopleTrans regularly works with industrial and resource recovery facility operators to:

  • assist with site due diligence for the purchase of new sites
  • carry out high-level design feasibility design for site set outs or site operational improvements
  • complete concept design to determine the best vehicle access locations, weighbridge dimensions and number of weighbridges, site circulation and optimal efficiency
  • resolve on-site queueing during normal operation and peak times across a typical busy day, week and across a year
  • ensure safety for employees and visitors.

Our work has included sites in NSW, Queensland and the ACT with a selection of the projects shown below.

A example project out put is a swept path assessment done by one of our design traffic engineering team.  For all site operators we work with, we take the time to understand the site operation to ensure we can provide the right advice the first time.

swept path assessment done by a traffic engineer

For more information about how we can help optimise the operation of your current site or assist with the development of a new site, please contact Matthew Houlden in our Sydney office on 02 8226 8760.